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Freshly Maid 'Green' Cleaning Tips... 
These days, the supermarket shelves are full of cleaning products. Many contain very strong ingredients that can harm people, animals and often the surfaces they are meant to clean and most are harmful to the environment too. Some are effective, some are not, some are very cleverly advertised and some are completely unnecessary in the first place! 
At Freshly Maid, we pride ourselves on researching the best ways to clean our clients’ homes using methods and products that are safe for our clients, the environment and ourselves. Our clients don’t want to worry about products that might harm their children and/or pets and equally we don’t expose our team to noxious chemicals all day long either. 
Here are our top 10 favourite tips and ideas for greener cleaning around the house. Please note we do not assume responsibility for advice given here. It is up to the reader to determine if advice is safe and suitable for their own situation. 
Defogging your bathroom mirror 
To stop your bathroom mirror from fogging up with steam after your shower, clean the mirror with shaving cream. Rub shaving cream all over the mirror, them wipe it off well with a soft cloth. You will then have a clear view after showering. 
Rust removal from sinks, baths, toilets and tiles 
Use lemon juice and salt. 
Shower Curtains 
Place several large bath towels in the washing machine along with the shower curtain. Add 1/2 cup vinegar. Remove curtain before the spin cycle and hang immediately. Soaking shower curtains in salt water will prevent them from mildew. 
Toilet bowl stain removal 
Pour a can of Coca-Cola into the toilet bowl and let it sit for a while; the phosphoric acid in the Coca-Cola will work on the stain. Or put a few denture cleaning tablets in the bowl. 
Clean hard to reach spots in bathroom 
Keep an extra toothbrush in the bathroom to use for cleaning awkward places, including plug chains. 
Dusting venetian blinds 
Try using a small foam paintbrush sprayed with polish to reach in between the slats. Or, spray a pair of cotton gloves with polish, then, wearing the gloves, run your fingers between the slats. You can also try holding a fabric softener sheet around your finger and wiping between each slat. Fabric softener sheets are anti-static and pick up dust. 
Dusting fabric blinds 
Fabric blinds can be dusted and refreshed by simply using a vaccuum with the upholstery attachment. 
Homemade wood furniture cleaner 
In a pump spray bottle, place 1 teaspoon of light olive oil and half a cup of white vinegar. Shake well. This is as effective as any store bought product, yet is far more economical. 
Odour removal from drawers or cupboards 
Fill the drawer with ground coffee and leave it overnight. 
Smelly shoes 
Keep your feet smelling sweet with a baking soda bag. Fill the toe of an old sock with bicarbonate of soda and tie up. Sit the bag in the shoe overnight to absorb the smell. 
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