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"Just got home from work and the house looks fantastic!"  
"The house looks really gorgeous. You've done a cracking job!" 
2017 ..... 
"Laura and Stephanie were delightful and did a very good job today" December 2017 
"Superb job, oven was amazing" December 2017 
Excellent and thorough clean" December 2017 
"The clean was excellent on Friday, thank you" December 2017 
"Fabulous! 5* I love the little touches this cleaner does – like curling the handbasin and bath sink plug in just a particular way. Please can you tell her this so that she knows I notice these things?" November 2017 
"Always happy when I have Lynne" November 2017 
"I need to compliment the ladies that came yesterday on the thoroughness of the clean. I know our house is a challenge with all the dust, but the attention to detail they paid to the kitchen was amazing!" November 2017 
"Really appreciated n excellent clean by Jayne and Chantelle this week" November 2017 
"Fantastic, so nice to come home from work to a clean and tidy house" October 2017 
"Sarah and Vicky have just left. They have been brilliant. So thorough and conscientious, clearly wanting to do a good job. And very pleasant women too! So pleased we went with you." October 2017 
"Met Lesley for the first time today, she's a nice person, hard worker and a real asset to Freshly Maid" October 2017 
"Madeline did an excellent job this morning" October 2017 
"Denise is an absolutely marvellous cleaner. Thank you so much for all you do for me" October 2017 
"Dee was efficient as usual. Highly delighted" October 2017 
"Jane did an excellent job as usual. You have an excellent team." October 2017 
"Jacqui & Mandy did an excellent job for us" October 2017 
""Everything looked lovely and Rachel left a note to tell me exactly what she had done. Thank you" September 2017 
"5 out of 5 again. Well done" September 2017 
"Delighted, it was a light cleaning day and a heavy session with the ironing which looked grand. thank you" September 2017 
"Excellent. Jane & Lesley are brilliant" September 2017 
"It was nice to have the towels folded. It was lovely when I walked in. Kitchen was sparkling and I noticed attention to detail" September 2017 
"Karen did a really good job. Very pleased" September 2017 
"They've made it look beautiful and better than I hoped & expected. I'm especially pleased with the oven!" September 2017 
"Thanks for making the house look so lovely and neat at the last clean, I appreciated that." August 2017 
"The lady that has been this week is fantastic. I've not been in but my husband and the girls have been impressed with how she has worked and I was very impressed when I returned home." August 2017 
"We think Karen & Denise did a fabulous job today, took great care with all aspects of the clean and did a couple of minor extras to make up to the allotted time." August 2017 
"The 2 girls that I had today were wonderful" August 2017 
"As usual the girls have done a wonderful job" August 2017 
"Really pleased with the standard of cleaning" August 2017 
"Absolutely delighted - super friendly team and thanks for going the extra mile with your customer service" August 2017 
"The two girls are excellent, I couldn't be happier" August 2017 
"Very good, I was very pleased. It was a downstairs week and this was done, as well as a quick go over upstairs" July 2017 
"Absolutely delighted with Sara. Everything extremely well done" July 2017 
"Hope we can always have Lynne" July 2017 
"Yesterdays clean was excellent, thank you. Please pass on my thanks to the cleaners and keep up the good work" July 2017 
"Fantastic clean, lovely to come home to thank you" July 2017 
"I would like to say how pleased I was with the two persons who attended me on the 21st June, I cannot remember their names, they were outstanding not just in their cleaning but in the help & care they gave me." June 2017 
"Thank you for your hard work; appreciate the spare room duvet being made up as well" June 2017 
"I know there was only one person this week, but she did an absolutely fantastic job!" June 2017 
"Just wanted you to know what a brilliant job the girls did again cleaning my house today, such lovely girls, and I very much appreciate the effort they put in" May 2017 
"Lynne did an excellent job as always. Everywhere looked immaculate." May 2017 
"A very good clean. I asked for the carpets to be especially cleaned around the edges and Cherene and Melanie did a lovely job. Thank you!" May 2017 
"Another fab clean at my house today!!. Great girls!!!" May 2017 
"Alona did an all-round super job and our living room has never looked better!" May 2017 
"Lynne works very hard and leaves everything looking beautiful. Thank you" May 2017 
"Extremely satisfied with Emma. She did a very good job." May 2017 
"Debra did a very good job yesterday. It was good to see her as she's such a friendly and willing lady." May 2017 
"Lovely ladies, they worked hard today, huge help - thanks" April 2017 
"Thanks girls you managed despite the damp carpets and out of place furnishings !!!" April 2017 
"The girl who came today is always welcome in my house!!. Always cheerful, and energetic, and just gets on with her job!!. Love her to bits, my house looks Spick & span!!" April 2017 
"On my "to do" list this weekend was to scrub the grout on the bathroom tiles, imagine my delight on coming home to find it done- thanks very much to the team who cleaned yesterday." April 2017 
"Really pleased and some ironing was also done which is a huge help" April 2017 
"They were cheerful, efficient and a pleasure to have around - a really good start for Freshly Maid!" April 2017 
"Really nice girls, didn't even really stop for coffee, had it while still working." April 2017 
"Thanks again for changing the day and thanks to the team who cleaned around the upheaval. !" March 2017 
"We were really happy with the clean" March 2017 
"Thanks for a great job, you made the move less stressful. Shame you don't operate in the Manchester area!" March 2017 
"The team of two girls that come are fantastic, very efficient and lovely. Really pleased with what they do." March 2017 
"The team have been twice this week to help me get put back to rights. Even though the builders still hadn't finished they have done a stirling job around them to address the dust and vastly improve the house. Thank you" March 2017 
"The girls did a very good clean and a pleasure to have in the home" March 2017 
"Fantastic job done by Cherene and Melanie. The shower hasn't looked that good for ages!" March 2017 
"Really efficient and good work, so impressed with how hard the ladies worked and the results. The house is sparkling. Thank you. :-)" February 2017 
"I am so, so pleased. I feel like I walk into a hotel rather than my house with the bed tidied up, the loo roll ends folded and the towels neatly hanging on the rail. Thanks." February 2017 
"Brilliant clean today thank you " February 2017 
"I wanted to compliment and express my thanks to the two ladies who did our cleaning today. I had to come home from work as I was unwell - and I was extremely impressed by both the ladies - and the thoroughness of the work they were doing - I could see they had moved everything and cleaned underneath etc. Both were friendly and professional despite the fact I probably got in their way a bit. The standard was superb!" February 2017 
"The ladies were faced with an impossible task as I had forgotten it was their week and the builders were in! I left a note and they did what they could in very trying circumstances so their efforts were very much appreciated." February 2017"Melanie did a very good job, very thorough and a very pleasant lady!" January 2017 
"Fabulous, a really good clean." January 2017 
"Sara's work is excellent" January 2017 
"Very thorough job thanks Rachael." January 2017 
"Lovely and clean. Perfect ironing." January 2017 
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